As Marketing Manager for BLUECASE, I am laser focused on one thing: “What’s in it for our clients?” From the BLUECASE perspective, marketing is about creating a connection. When a company full of inspired, heart-centered people are this good at making a difference for their clients, it’s not a difficult mission to connect them to the CEOs and leadership teams of high-performing, world-shaking companies who want to grow even faster. Because this shouldn’t be a secret: When you discover the BLUECASE way and unlock the highest levels of potential that your teams are ready and willing to unleash, you’ll find out that moving faster is also more fun.

Background- Husband. Father. University of Montana College of Business. Over a decade working with private SMB clients in diverse industries. B2B; WIIFM. Places: Columbus to Missoula to Nashville, then back to Missoula. Hobbies: Doing anything I can to make my kids laugh, encourage them to become resilient, and help them feel well-loved. Interests: Gym, riding bikes for fun, remodeling, videography, teaching my daughter to play the ukulele, trail running.

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