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Forbes Afraid Of Confrontation 13 Useful Strategies For Approaching Your Boss With Negative Feedback
July 02, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: Afraid Of Confrontation? 13 Useful Strategies For Approaching Your Boss With Negative Feedback

There are always employees who struggle with confrontation, and for them, approaching a supervisor with negative feedback or a difficult situation can be especially anxiety-inducing. It is, however, an important skill to learn to keep communication open both for the employee and the company as a whole.

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Forbes Youre Giving Bad Feedback Heres One Question That Can Change Everything
May 06, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: You're Giving Bad Feedback: Here's One Question That Can Change Everything

It’s the end of the year. You have performance review meetings scheduled with all seven of your direct reports. It’s good news: They are all getting their bonuses this year. For each of them, you have prepared a bulleted list of focus areas for the next year, usually the areas where they need to improve. Everyone gets their bonus and leaves knowing how they need to get better. Win-win, right?

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Forbes Pandoras Box
March 26, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: Pandora's Box: How To Get Your Team Unstuck

There is a well-known Greek myth that goes something like this: The gods, being characteristically devious, gave a beautiful container to Pandora, one of the first humans. They told her she could have the box but was never to open it. Of course, human curiosity led her to disobey the order. When she opened the box, all of the chaos and hardships of the world were released into our lives.

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Forbes Poetry Of Disengagement
March 20, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: The Poetry Of Disengagement: Seek Out Your Team's Intrinsic Motivators

Over the past few years, 31-year-old British rapper Kate Tempest has gained international recognition for her observational spoken-word poetry rhymed over unconventional hip hop beats. She was a poet and published author prior to her breakout musical career, and much of what has critics praising her work has been her signature literary style.

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Forbes Evolving Leadership
March 20, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: Evolving Leadership: Why It Might Be Time To Try An Empathetic Approach

Imagine this: You’re a parent in charge of a birthday party. Besides you, everyone in the room is five years old. No adult will arrive to pick up their child for another hour. Chaos has erupted. Three kids have gotten into a cake fight, and their hair, face and clothes are covered in icing. One boy is screaming at another because he wants his fire truck back. The noise is hurting your ears. What are you going to do?

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Forbs Blog
March 09, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: Stay Positive! 16 Ways To Bounce Back From Negative Thinking

Professional mistakes might feel like the end of the world, but everyone makes them from time to time. When you experience a setback in your career, don’t dwell on what went wrong and how you could have done things differently. Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial to making a comeback.

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Stop Giving Advice
January 24, 2019

BLUECASE in Forbes: Stop Giving Advice And Start Becoming Comfortable With Uncertainty

When I was a little boy, I started my first consulting company. I made a long sign out of construction paper that read, “Justin Follin and Associates: We Solve Problems.” I taped it to my bedroom door and waited for the clients to come streaming in.

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10 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Bond With Your Team Members
September 05, 2018

BLUECASE in Forbes: 10 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Bond With Your Team Members

As a leader, your primary job is to motivate and guide your team to reach their goals. However, you won't be able to accomplish this if your team doesn't feel a sense of trust and loyalty to you. One of the best things you can do to establish that connection with your team members is focus on building strong personal relationships with them.

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Forbes Aiming For The C Suite
August 29, 2018

BLUECASE in Forbes: Aiming For The C-Suite? Follow These Leadership Tips To Move Up The Ladder

Despite the growing gig economy of freelancers and independent contractors, many professionals still aspire to climb the corporate ladder and lead a company from the C-suite. It's an admirable career goal, and with the right personal and professional development, it's one that is very possible to achieve.

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Forbes 11 Signs That A Client Is On The Brink Of Crisis
August 23, 2018

BLUECASE in Forbes: 11 Signs That A Client Is On The Brink Of A Life Crisis

Part of coaching is understanding what challenges your clients are facing, as well as helping to identify and overcome their blind spots. Sometimes, all that's required is giving teams or leaders a stronger system, so that they can build on what's already there and working. However, there are times when you'll find people facing moments of quiet crisis.

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