the world is calling for a new kind of leader

Evolving complexity requires the ability for leaders to adapt, innovate and learn—and for leadership to arise at every level of an organization.

Vision 2 Innovate is a year-long Leadership and Cultural Development process for Executives, Directors, Managers and identified future leaders to develop an Innovative Leadership Culture™.

What participants at the Executive level have to say about the Vision 2 Innovate leadership development process:

Executive Testimonials

What participants at the Director/Manager level have to say about the Vision 2 Innovate leadership development process:

Manager & Director Testimonials

What does an Innovative Leadership Culture look like?
  1. Entrepreneurial — creative, innovative, adaptive
  2. Vision-led vs. Reactive — ambitious, big picture possibilities
  3. Personal Power & Responsibility — leadership at every level
  4. Do Less, Lead Better, Accomplish More — focus and efficiency
  5. Excitement and Motivation — ease, passion, fun

Today’s challenges are unlike any we have seen before. In the past ten years, organizations have seen an exponential increase in the complexity of their problems. Particularly when an organization is growing, things get complicated fast.

Before working with us, our clients are asking:
  • How do we win in a world that’s changing so fast?
  • How do we grow a culture that reflects our core values?
  • How do we foster innovation?
  • How do we solve problems that seem impossible to solve?

Before working with us, these challenges can look like:
  • core values not alive in the culture
  • lack of ownership inside the organization
  • lack of leadership at lower levels
  • few leaders articulating big picture visions
  • needing to adapt, but stuck in old habits
  • poor or scattered communication
  • overwhelming to-do lists with little creative planning
  • focusing on metrics vs. finding new solutions
  • cross functional breakdowns
  • a sense of tension in the culture
  • lack of alignment

Our employees and our managers and directors are just leaps and bounds better because of the [Vision2Innovate] program. We have become much more coordinated, much more efficient, much more able just move seamlessly because the tools are so easy to understand and easy to bring new people into them … If you are a leader of an organization, I would say that you can’t afford not to hire BLUECASE. The tools that they offer, the results that they get, the return on investment is exponential.

John Schaak, President - Scion Dental

The tangible results in working with BLUECASE are around speed of resolution and successful resolution of issues. [The Vision2Innovate process] gives us the ability to have a common language, a common approach, really concrete tools to identify issues, the ability to have a candid conversation around the factors driving that issue and then some good tools and approaches to solving the problem. It gets this done much quicker than would normally be done and leads thorny issues that might be unresolved to get resolve … We’ve seen significant improvement in the quality of dialogue between leaders across organizations, helping drive alignment and solve very difficult problems.

Bob Bilsborough, Chief Human Resources Officer - SKYGEN USA

The [Vision2Innovate] experience has been life-changing. Not only from the professional tools and how we are able to be a far more efficient group working together, but everybody being able to take it to their personal lives as well … What BLUECASE has done for our organization is provide a springboard to our future, and I think it’s going to be a far more efficient and even brighter future than what we may have thought it was going to be twelve months ago. I think it’s been a phenomenal experience for all of us involved.

Darrin Haehle: President - Wonderbox Technologies