Justin Follin
Justin FollinCEO
Christine Trevino
Christine TrevinoChief Operating Officer
David B. Greenspan
David B. GreenspanFounder and Chief Growth Officer
Christel Frietsch
Christel FrietschOperations Administrator
Lisa Jaecklein
Lisa JaeckleinDirector of Consulting Services
Lori Darley
Lori DarleySenior Consultant
LeeAnn Mallory
LeeAnn MallorySenior Consultant
Robin Knudsen
Robin KnudsenSenior Consultant
Shawn Clark
Shawn ClarkSenior Consultant
Trish Perevich
Trish PerevichSenior Consultant
Paulin Laberge
Paulin LabergeSenior Strategic Planning Consultant
Kan Yan
Kan YanSenior Consultant

The turbocharge for your company, your leaders, and your culture.

Austin, Texas- based BLUECASE is a strategic consulting, leadership development and CEO coaching firm. Drawing from high-performance psychology, innovative leadership practices and streamlined strategic tools, BLUECASE brings a powerful approach to achieve breakthrough organizational performance.

Drawing from Metronome United’s Three Year Highly Achievable Goal (3HAG), EOS, and Gazelles Four Decisions (Rockefeller Habits), we create a strategic planning structure that has people and teams perform at exceptional levels. From Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing mid-market businesses, we’ve helped clients in five countries across three continents achieve breakthrough results.

Core principles

Humble Mastery – The humility to approach every interaction with a beginner’s mind. The mastery to use wisdom & expertise to serve based on what’s really needed. Humble mastery looks like leading with integrity, heart and the priority to develop as a way of working.

Health and Vitality – Optimal health is the foundation of a great life for both individuals and organizations. Great health leads to great vitality, which leads to extraordinary results.

Welcoming the Moon – The moon is always full from some perspective and dark from others. We welcome the whole in every person and client, approaching challenges with an objectivity that allows new solutions, options and possibilities to emerge that weren’t there before.

Core values

HEART – Being vulnerable with each other to build trust.  Treating others with care, empathy, dignity, and respect. Emotional intelligence. Leading with inspiration, passion, and purpose. Living our company’s values and principles.

Asks: “What is the right thing to do?”

ADAPTATION – Mindset of adaptation, innovation, and willingness to change. Prioritize continuous improvement and real-time feedback without taking it personally. Find the best way to do things. Ask for help, learn from others, and know you don’t know everything. Iterate, test, fail, and learn.

Asks: “How can we use what we learn to be even better?”

EXCELLENCE – Driven by personal responsibility. Motivated by an inner fire to do great work. Giving it your all in everything you do, above and beyond. Hungry for new opportunities to excel. Always striving for one hundred percent impeccability.

Asks: “What can I do to make this world class?”

RESULTS – Does what it takes to get things done. Commitment, ownership, and accountability for the end result. Focuses on the goal, looks at the whole system, sees what’s missing, and takes responsibility for the entire process.

Asks: “What needs to be done to make this wildly successful and fulfill the Fundamental Why?”

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