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Four Hands

Executive Testimonials

Over the past three years, I have been able to put together a high-performing team. It's been the benefit of the coaching that we give them, the training that we given them, the direction I can give them from the clarity I have received from BLUECASE helping understand our direction and our culture. It has been one of the best experiences in my forty years.

Jerome Kearns
Chief Operating Officer, Four Hands

Whether I'm going to have a $500 million dollar company or a $3 billion dollar company in ten years, it's kind of hard to put a value on that. I don't think we'd get there without the kind of planning we're doing today. We're more than happy to say that BLUECASE is our partner in doing that planning and development.

Craig Kasten
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board, SKYGEN USA

Who we say we are:

Jet fuel comes in blue cases. At BLUECASE, we are like jet fuel “turbocharging” companies to achieve extraordinary goals. Headquartered in Austin, TX, we are an accomplished organizational change firm with a background in the psychology of high performance.

BLUECASE Strategic Partners guides successful businesses to double or triple their size, delivers one of the most innovative leadership development processes in the world, and coaches CEO’s to achieve unprecedented results.

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Kerbey Lane

As a Venture Capitalist, I have seen a lot of consultants try to work with our portfolio with limited success. As such, when BLUECASE was first engaged by one of our companies to facilitate an off-site session I was certainly skeptical. However, after two days I realized that they are more of a strategic partner than a consultant. BLUECASE interacts as a member of the team rather than a third party, which allows him to truly understand the people and related needs of the business. I have recently brought them into our fastest growing investment to help us scale the business, evolve the culture, and develop the executive team. They have again exceeded my expectations. I will continue to encourage our portfolio companies to work with BLUECASE to design, coach, and/or facilitate strategic planning sessions and to help with such things as building a team or solving communication challenges.

David Lee Testimonial

David Lee
President and CEO, Sentient Ventures;
and CEO, Allegiance Mobile Health
Austin, TX

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