Is there unused engagement, innovation, or intelligence in your company?

Most senior leaders estimate that anywhere between 30-60% of their company’s potential is offline. BLUECASE exists to quickly activate that unused potential.

Better Teams


Learn proven strategies to inspire your teams to think bigger, communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and achieve your most ambitious goals.

BLUECASE shows clients exactly what it takes to become a high-performance team. You’ll be able to apply these powerful tools and watch your team transform. You’ll build camaraderie. You’ll have more fun. Even better, your team and your company will win.

Aligning the vision, strategy and culture for rapid growth.

“The BLUECASE approach has proved indispensable for my company’s success—our financial bottom line, company culture, sustainable growth, and leadership development.”

  — Matt Briggs, CEO, Four Hands

Experienced 746% ten year growth in revenue

Client Case Study: How to Scale Right

A Case Study in Record-Breaking Growth, Cross Functional Collaboration, and High Employee Engagement

Building shared language, streamlined communications, and cross-functional collaboration.

ESO Healthcare “We couldn’t have done this without BLUECASE” — Chris Dillie, former CEO, ESO

2,000% increase in number of clients

Breaking down silos, building trust, ensuring seamless cultural integration.

“Before we went through the BLUECASE process, we were just haphazardly putting out fires left and right. Once employees saw that the overall team and company had a more logical focus and goal to improve the big things holding us back, people got more and more excited and it was positive for everyone.”

— Matt Murphy, former CEO, Logix

40% increase in employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in 10 months.

Driving transformation to scale culture, vision, and accountability across large, hybrid workplaces.

“BLUECASE makes it so simple and easy to adopt and adapt what they teach. That’s the difference … They have a high level of commitment to excellence. They feel personally invested and they feel like part of my team.”

  — Heather Wallace, CEO, Curology


Jet fuel comes in blue cases. At BLUECASE, we are like jet fuel “turbocharging” companies to achieve extraordinary goals. Headquartered in Austin, TX, we are an accomplished organizational change firm with a background in the psychology of high performance.

BLUECASE Strategic Partners guides successful businesses to double or triple their size, delivers one of the most innovative leadership development processes in the world, and coaches CEO’s to achieve unprecedented results.

Leadership Program

An innovative leadership culture adapts, disrupts and leads in a whole new way.

Strategic Planning

Vision becomes real with clear direction, team alignment and high performance tools.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for CEO, Executive Leaders, Directors and Managers.


The 4 Pillars of Innovation Capability: A Series of Public Talks.


Fast scaling companies we have worked with

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