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Real Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching Results

“For us, the results of having BLUECASE come onboard is that we actually are moving faster, we’re making decisions better, we’re more aligned on our goals, which makes work more fun. When you come to work everyday and you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, you know exactly where you are trying to go, it makes a difference.”

Amy Porter
Founder & Executive Chairman, AffiniPay
Austin, TX

“The result over 12 and 24 months is really astonishing, not only did we stop the slide of margin, we actually gained 2 points back over the past 24 months, which for a business like ours is an astonishing reversal and really hard to do. The other measurable results is that this year our EBITDA is 35-40% higher than not only last year, but the budget and that really is a direct result of the quarterly and annual strategy planning sessions and the help we got from BLUECASE.”

Matthew Briggs
CEO, Four Hands
Austin, TX

“Whether I’m going to have a $500 million dollar company or a $3 billion dollar company in ten years, it’s kind of hard to put a value on that. I don’t think we’d get there without the kind of planning we’re doing today. We’re more than happy to say that BLUECASE is our partner in doing that planning and development.”

Craig Kasten
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board, SKYGEN USA

“In the time that we had been working with BLUECASE, we’re now on a path to grow over 50% this year and see ourselves doubling shortly thereafter. In the end, I was in a place where we weren’t growing and we weren’t achieving what was possible and I am now in a place where I have a tremendous runway to accomplish things that I never thought was possible.”

Tom Rhodes
CEO, Sente Mortgage
Austin, TX

“We were a group of smart people and what we lacked was real alignment around a good strategy and plan for execution. We tripled the size of our company from the time we started working with BLUECASE, that’s just a very clear result. We managed to do it while still building a great culture. One of the things about BLUECASE is that the people there are really serious about transformation, so they take risks with you in terms of having fun, in terms of changing your perspective in working with your team and actually enact some change.”

J.R. Carter
CEO, Intersys
Austin, TX

“BLUECASE brought a whole different perspective, something we did not get from anyone else. I think that’s because they really understand our business and they are partners within the business, not just someone coming in and telling you what to do, but someone that is there for all the parts of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the tears, the throwing of things—whatever comes with it … In the past 2 years, our revenue has grown 30%, year over year.”

Denise Villa, PhD
CEO, The Center for Generational Kinetics
Austin, TX

“Today we are operating at a much different level, much better aligned, and executing against our strategic plans in a way I would not have anticipated a short 9-months ago. I can simply take our executive payroll and put a 10-15, possibly 20% number on that payroll and that’s what we are getting … I put forth to anyone out there that as you get down in the details of running and executing your business, which is what we were doing very well, that you can lose sight of these basics and fundamentals—it takes that external voice that BLUECASE provides.”

Justin Mortara
CEO, Mortara Instrument

“With BLUECASE, I see them more so as partners, they have really been able to identify a bunch of things within our organization that was not necessary in order to achieve our long-term vision. As a result, cutting our costs by over 50% and everyone is aware of the vision and working towards the same goal. BLUECASE has been instrumental in designing that.”

Matt Muehlberger
CEO, North Star Land Services
Austin, TX

“Over the past three years, I have been able to put together a high-performing team. It’s been the benefit of the coaching that we give them, the training that we given them, the direction I can give them from the clarity I have received from BLUECASE helping understand our direction and our culture. It has been one of the best experiences in my forty years.”

Jerome Kearns, Chief Operating Officer, Four Hands

“BLUECASE led our strategic planning meetings, and it is no coincidence that we hit or exceeded every single metric we set for ourselves. They quickly gained the trust of our team and integrated into our processes, culture and mission. BLUECASE was instrumental in the process of sourcing and hiring “A” players. When you hire a lot of people it is normal to worry about culture dilution but with BLUECASE’s assistance, ESO culture got stronger as we grew. BLUECASE was a key part of our success. They worked with every level of my organization as we focused on growing our culture of transparency, accountability, faster communication, and increased alignment across the organization. I look forward to continuing our work with BLUECASE to ensure we accomplish everything we are capable of doing.”

Chris Dillie, CEO, ESO

“It’s been nearly a year since I completed my first program with BLUECASE. Flat out, it changed my life. It completely transformed the way I view and approach my work. On a daily basis I find myself going back to the material to either incorporate it into my daily work or to better hone the skillsets. As a result, I’m more aware of who I am and how I influence others in my organization, I’m more organized and focused on the 80/20, and I’m bringing more creativity and innovation to the company. Simply put, I’m more effective. And not only that, one of the things I’ve found most rewarding about this experience is working with team members who were not able to attend, and helping develop them into leaders. I now view working with others and helping them develop as one of the best parts of my career. After going through the BLUECASE program, I’m always thinking about leadership, establishing a vision for the future, and taking effective action. Working with BLUECASE is one of the best things I’ve been a part of at my company.”

Chad Lammert, Manager, Innovation Lab SKYGEN USA

As a Venture Capitalist, I have seen a lot of consultants try to work with our portfolio with limited success. As such, when BLUECASE was first engaged by one of our companies to facilitate an off-site session I was certainly skeptical. However, after two days I realized that they are more of a strategic partner than a consultant. BLUECASE interacts as a member of the team rather than a third party, which allows him to truly understand the people and related needs of the business. I have recently brought them into our fastest growing investment to help us scale the business, evolve the culture, and develop the executive team. They have again exceeded my expectations. I will continue to encourage our portfolio companies to work with BLUECASE to design, coach, and/or facilitate strategic planning sessions and to help with such things as building a team or solving communication challenges.

David Lee, President and CEO, Sentient Ventures

“We hired BLUECASE to help us make our vision for impacting the world a reality. In the first 90 days of engaging with BLUECASE, our entire team saw immediate, measurable, scalable results—and in areas where we had stagnated and didn’t even know it. At the Center for Generational Kinetics, we deliver Millennials research and strategy for major brands and industry leaders. BLUECASE has helped us become more aligned, energized and successful than ever before. I highly recommend him and his team if you are ready to grow fast.”

Denise Villa, PhD, CEO, The Center for Generational Kinetics

“Hire BLUECASE Strategic Partners and grow. We hired BLUECASE Strategic Partners to run our Rockefeller Habits process this year and we have finally kick-started our growth to 50%+. Introducing BLUECASE into the mix has opened things up, surfaced hard issues and made us more clear and more committed as a team. Executing the work we did with BLUECASE put us on this trajectory.”

J.R. Carter, CEO, Intersys

“BLUECASE is an extraordinary resource for organizations looking for transformational growth. They jump in the trenches with you and bring an impressive tool chest of best practices, processes and structures along with an uncommon wisdom about high performance teams. I find their coaching and help invaluable.”

Tom Rhodes, CEO, Sente Mortgage

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