Scaling your business: from good to great to extraordinary.

Great leadership teams demand the highest levels of performance — even when things are good. Our Strategic Planning launches world-class performance.

What our clients say about BLUECASE strategic planning

J.R. Carter
CEO, Intersys
Austin, TX

Matthew Briggs
CEO, Four Hands
Austin, TX

Tom Rhodes
CEO, Sente Mortgage
Austin, TX

Strategic Planning in Austin, TX

Before working with us, customers are asking:

  • How do we scale our company?
  • How do we maintain our culture when we double or triple in size?
  • How do we execute our strategy so it works?
  • How do we do we recruit and retain phenomenal people?

When is a company ready for BLUECASE Strategic Planning?

  • growth feels mediocre
  • smart people on board, still not scaling
  • goals to triple growth but not sure how
  • CEO frustrated having to say things again and again (it’s still not done)
  • tension among leadership team
  • culture lacks accountability
  • CEO and leadership team not aligned
  • things take too long to get done


  1. doubling or tripling in size in a short time
  2. clear, actionable strategy
  3. alignment across the leadership team
  4. working smarter, taking the right actions
  5. passionate, heartfelt leaders with a “fire in their belly”

How we do it

Drawing from the Gazelles Four Decisions™ (Rockefeller Habits), high performance psychology, and cutting-edge leadership tools, we create a structure that has people and teams perform at exceptional levels.

  1. easy to implement strategy
  2. tools and skill sets everyone understands
  3. best practices used by thousands of the fastest growing companies in the world
  4. heart-filled engagement, exceptional performance
  5. guidance to grow quickly while attracting the best talent

“Hire BLUECASE Strategic Partners and grow. We hired BLUECASE Strategic Partners to run our Rockefeller Habits process this year and we have finally kick-started our growth to 50%+. Introducing BLUECASE into the mix has opened things up, surfaced hard issues and made us more clear and more committed as a team. Executing the work we did with BLUECASE put us on this trajectory.”

J.R. Carter, CEO, Intersys

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